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Bachelor Informatik / Wirtschaftsinformatik
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Participants of this lab will work with relational databases. Each participating team will get five homework assignments, which cover the practical parts of Relational Database Systems 1. Participants have to work in fixed teams of two. Every two or three weeks lab sessions will be held in small lab groups (integrated in the RDB1 tutorial groups) every Tuesday and Wednesday. Participation in these lab groups is mandatory.


If you didn't register on the normal way via our registration form (that is already closed) you can still contact your respective hiwi and tell him, that you also want to attend to the SQL Lab. On this way you can register until the first due date (11.11.2013).


There will be five assignments in the SQL Lab for each team. They will be graded by your tutorial group tutor in three possible ways: +1 (good), 0 (average), and −1 (incomplete or insufficient). To successfully pass the SQL Lab the sum of all five grades must be positive(at least 1) and each assignment must be handed in. The due date always fall on a Monday. You will have to submit a pdf version of your submission via email to your respective tutorial group tutor (see the RDB Page to find out the email address) until 12pm of the respective due date. In addition to that, you have to deliver a printed version of your submission in your tutorial group on Tuesday or Wednesday. During the group you will have to show that your submitted document was elaborated independently in proper teamwork (Both team members should be able to explain each part of the submitted document). Your submissions will be handed back before the respective next due date.

Please Note: The due date for the first SQL exercise has been shifted by a week. On that date (23.12) there will be no tutorial group as the Weihnachtsferien will have started by then. Instead both the third and fourth handout will be discussed in the first tutorial group after the Weihnachtsferien (7th or 8th of January).

# Subject Handout date Due date Link to handout
1 Data Modelling 31.10 11.11  Handout
2 Relational Model and Relational Algebra 14.11 2.12  Handout
 RalAlgParser Tutorial
3 SQL 5.12 23.12  Handout
4 SQL 2 19.12 6.1  Handout
5 Application Programming 9.1 27.1 Handout
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