Lecture “Relational Database Systems 1”

Bachelor Informatik / Wirtschaftsinformatik
4 or 5 (depending on examination rules)
Regular Dates: 
Thursday, 15:00-17:30, in room PK 2.2

This course provides an introduction to relational databases. For students in “Bachelor Informatik” or “Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik”, we strongly recommend the (optional) accompanying lab SQL.

If you are attending this lecture, please sign up for it in our HMS system. In the HMS, you also can find up-to-date information about the number of points you scored in your homework yet.

Please note: To pass this course, you need 50% of all homework points. Your homework has to be turned in until the due date indicated on top of the the current assignment, before the lecture starts. Please work together in groups of two students, larger groups are not permitted. Write your names and matriculation numbers on each page of your homework. If you have multiple pages, staple them together! Please drop your solutions into the mailbox at our institute (Informatikzentrum, second floor, next to room 238) or hand them over to us right before the lecture begins.




Die Ergebniss der Klausur hängen am schwarzen Brett aus und stehen im HMS.

Klausureinsicht ist am Do, 01.09. von 15:00 - 17:00 Uhr im Seminarraum (Raum 251).


The regulations regarding “cheat sheets” remain unchanged (see the first slides of Lecture 13).

Remember the 50% homework rule:

  • Who already took the exam doesn’t need 50%
    (at least this time)
  • New Bachelor Prüfungs-Ordnung (BPO)
    • Exercises = Studienleistung
  • Old Bachelor Prüfungs Ordnung (BPO)
    • Exercises are required for the exam


The tutorial groups will start in the 3rd week of the semester.

For all those, who signed in for the tutorial groups without a partner: Please complete the first homework sheet on your own. You will be assigned to a partner within the forst meeting of your tutorial group.


Teams and Groups

Each team of two is assigned to exactly one of the following eight groups:

Group ID Day and Time Room Tutor

Tutor’s E-Mail Address


1 Tuesday, 16.45–18.15 RR 58.2
Sebastian Busse  gruppe1
2 Tuesday, 16.45–18.15 RR 58.4
Patrick Werner  gruppe2
3 Tuesday, 18.30–20.00 SN 23.2

Michael Bier / Vincent Breitmoser

4 Wednesday, 11.30–13.00 IZ 251
Sergej Dechand  gruppe4
5 Wednesday, 08.00–09.30 RR 58.3
Stefanie Breske  gruppe5
6 Wednesday, 08.00–09.30 RR 58.4 Simon Barthel  gruppe6
7 Wednesday, 11.30–13.00 BW 74.3
Anna-Lena Berndt  gruppe7
8 Wednesday, 11.30–13.00 BW 74.5
Nils Dietzsch  gruppe8





Note that lectures and exercises will not be separated. Exercise parts will be interlaced into the lecture whereever adequate.


  Date Contents Slides Videos Comments
1 28.10.2010 Introduction Slides
Print slides
No video (recording is broken, sorry)  
1 4.11.2010 Modeling 1 Slides
Print slides
Video 2
3 11.11.2010 Modeling 2 Slides
Print slides
Video 3  
4 18.11.2010 View Integration Slides Video 4 A little update in the homework solution for the integrated model
5 25.11.2010 Relational Model Slides Video 5  
6 02.12.2010 Relational Algebra Slides Video 6  Updated on Dezember 9th at 21:00; small correction on page 23 (Theta join) and inserting 3 missing slides
7 09.12.2010 Relational Calculus Slides
Print slides
Video 7 In exercise 7.4 the wrong syntax was used. Now the exercise sheet and solutions are updated to the correct syntax. (06.01.2011)
8 16.12.2010 SQL Slides  No video (recording is broken, sorry) Solution 8 updated (11.01.2011)
9 06.01.2011 SQL 2 Slides Video 9  
10 13.01.2011 Normalization Slides  No video (the Mic. did not work)  Updated formula in Homework 10.1 c
11 20.01.2011 Application Programming Slides Video 11  There is a translation error in exercise 11.3c: ... that booked at least one seat in every airplane stored ... is the correct formulation!!!!
12 27.01.2011 Application Programming 2 Slides Video 12    
13 03.02.2011 Object Persistence Slides Video 13    
14 10.02.2011 Active Databases Slides Video 14    

File rdb1-ws1011-v1_Introduction.pdf29/10/10 9:11 am3.52 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v1_IntroductionPrint.pdf29/10/10 9:11 am1.85 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v2_Modeling1.pdf04/11/10 5:54 pm4.11 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v2_Modeling1Print.pdf04/11/10 5:54 pm2.09 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v3_Modeling2.pdf11/11/10 5:46 pm10.44 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v3_Modeling2Print.pdf15/11/10 9:18 am2.49 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v4_Integration.pdf18/11/10 5:52 pm3.58 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v5_RelationalModel.pdf25/11/10 5:48 pm2.73 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v6_RelationalAlgebra.pdf09/12/10 8:30 pm2.14 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v7_RelationalCalculus.pdf10/12/10 9:30 am2.19 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v7_RelationalCalculusPrint.pdf10/12/10 9:30 am1.38 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v8_SQL1.pdf16/12/10 5:41 pm2.77 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v9_SQL2.pdf06/01/11 5:44 pm3.2 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v10_Normalization.pdf13/01/11 5:34 pm1.91 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v11_ApplicationProgramming1.pdf20/01/11 5:46 pm3.2 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v12_ApplicationProgramming2.pdf27/01/11 5:41 pm3.73 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v13_ObjectDatabases.pdf03/02/11 5:58 pm4.59 MB
File rdb1-ws1011-v14_ActiveDatabases.pdf11/02/11 3:09 pm8.37 MB