Lecture “Knowledge-Based Systems and Deductive Databases”

Master Informatik / Wirtschaftsinformatik
4 or 5 (depending on examination rules)
Regular Dates: 
Wednesdays, 16:45 bis 19:00, Room IZ 160

This lecture covers the topics of knowledge-based systems and deductive databases.

The focus will be on

  • First-order logic and clause programming (especially Datalog)
  • Deductive database architecture and query processing
  • Expert Systems
  • The Semantic Web

What you willyou learn?

- What are knowledge-based systems? What can you do with them?
- Many KBS are based on formal logics. You will:
   - ...learn about different kinds of formal logic
   - ...learn syntactic basics of predicate logic
   - ...learn of how to interpret logical expressions
   - ...learn how to efficiently evaluate logical expressions in a database setting
   - ...how to design a KBS using different flavors of formal logic
- We will show you how the vision of knowledge based systems was born and what became of it
- We will show you how the KBS ideas have been reborn within the semantic web
- We will show you how the semantic web works and what it tries to achieve


Alongside the lecture, there will be written homework / exercises. These exercises may be solved in teams of two students each. New exercises will be handed out each Tuesday evening and must be returned until the following week before the next lecture into the mailbox on the IfIS floor. The exercises are optional, but recommended.

Current exercise success is tracked within the IfIS HMS Homework Management System.




Date Topic Slides Exercise Video Recordings
27.10.2010 Introduction


none Video
03.11.2010 First Order Logics Slides
Nr2 Video
10.11.2010 Logical Models Slides
Nr3 Video
17.11.2010 Datalog Basics Draft Slides Nr4 Video
24.11.2010 Datalog Herbrand Models

Print Slides

Nr5 Video
01.12.2010 Datalog Fixpoint Semantics Draft Slides Nr6 Video
08.12.2010 Datalog Optimization Draft Slides Nr7 Video
15.12.2010 Uncertain Resoning Slides   Video
05.01.2011 Expert Systems Slides Nr9 Video
12.01.2011 Knowledge Representation Slides   Video
19.01.2011 Ontologies Slides Nr11 broken; use this instead
26.01.2011 Semantic Web Slides Nr12 Video
02.01.2011 Folksonomies Slides
09.01.2011 Question Answering Slides   Video


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