Lab “SQL”

Bachelor Informatik / Wirtschaftsinformatik
Regular Dates: 
Thursdays, 8.00–9.30, 11.30–13.00, 16.45–18.15, and 18.30–20.00

This lab provides an introduction into the database query language SQL. During the semester, each participant will get assigned a series of homework assignments, which cover the major topics of the lecture Relational Database Systems 1. Participants are required to work together in fixed teams of two.

During the semester, weekly lab sessions will be held in small groups every Thursday.

This lab replaces the old “SQL-Demokurs.” Note that these two labs are mutually exclusive, that is, you (usually) cannot use the credits of both in your course of study. However, you can replace the Demokurs's credits (if you already got some) by the SQL lab's credits. For details, please consult your Studienordnung/Prüfungordnung.

A note to diploma students: You can use either the SQL lab (4 SWS) or the lecture RDB1 (3 SWS) as part of your Diplomprüfung. However, since both courses are so similar, the exam will always be about the material of both courses.


During the SQL lab, there will be six assignments to be worked on; the results of each team have to be handed in and will be graded by the team’s tutor. There will be three possible grades: “+1” (good), “0” (average), and “−1” (incomplete, insufficient, or missing). To successfully pass the SQL lab, the sum of all six grades must be positive.

Here is a list of all assignments:

Number Date Topic Due to Material
1 26.11.2009 Modeling [participation at the first group meeting is mandatory!] 10.12.2009 (2 weeks) Assignment 1
2 10.12.2009 SQL queries 1 17.12.2009 (1 week) Assignment 2
3 17.12.2009 Data transformation; SQL queries 2 14. 1.2010 (4 weeks) Assignment 3
4 14. 1.2010 System catalogs, indexes, views, and recursive SQL queries 28. 1.2010 (2 weeks) Assignment 4
5 28. 1.2010 Application programming with JDBC 11. 2.2010 (2 weeks) Assignment 5

Teams and Groups

Each team of two is assigned to exactly one of the following eight groups:

Group ID Day and Time Room Tutor Tutor’s E-Mail Address (…
A Thursdays, 8.00–9.30 IZ 160 Mahmoud Alfarra m.alfarra
B Thursdays, 8.00–9.30 IZ 161 Simon Barthel s.barthel
C Thursdays, 11.30–13.00 IZ 251 Sebastian Busse se.busse
D Thursdays, 11.30–13.00 PK 3.3 Patrick Werner p.werner
E Thursdays, 16.45–18.15 IZ 161 Matthias Britten m.britten
F Thursdays, 16.45–18.15 BW 74.3 Patrick Werner p.werner
G Thursdays, 18.30–20.00 IZ 160 Simon Barthel s.barthel
H Thursdays, 18.30–20.00 IZ 161 Carina Flämig c.flaemig


The names of all participants who passed the SQL lab have been sent to the Prüfungsamt. You do not need to pick up any Scheine at our secretary's office (unless you have some special requirements).

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