Current students' theses

If you are interested in writing a student thesis, please talk to our staff members directly. Furthermore, consult our thesis guide before applying (in German).

Bernier, Marlen
Abstraction over several data sources and generation of a source-to-target-mappings (Balke)
Kiehne, Niklas
Tracking persons in image data streams (Balke)

Ehler, Philipp
Synonym Detection with Knowledge Embeddings (Kalo)
Giesmann, Lars
Analysis of Wikidata Property Constraints (Kalo)
Heßler, Markus
Determining Obligatory Attributes with Knowledge Embeddings (Kalo)

Lampe, Kilian
Navigational Queries in Graph Databases using Gremlin (Mennicke)
Nikelski, Sebastian
Application of Data Modeling Constraints in Graph Databases (Mennicke)

Zhu, Lili
Answering medical entity-based queries using scientific claims with domain knowledge (Pinto)

Markiewka, Philipp
Topic Modeling and Topic Labeling of Deep-Learned Facets (Wawrzinek)