Current students' theses

If you are interested in writing a student thesis, please talk to our staff members directly. Furthermore, consult our thesis guide before applying (in German).

Akkad, Ahmad
Replicating Humanities Studies with Digital Humanities (Balke)
Kiehne, Niklas
Tracking persons in image data streams (Balke)
Othman, Ezz Eddin
Semantic Concepts in Textbooks: Creating Research Statistics in Spreadsheets (Balke)
Seger, Marco
Exploring the Suitability of Sentence Embeddings for Medical Conceptual Similarities (Balke)
Toma, Raneem
Semantic Concepts in Textbooks: Classification of Textbooks and Index Enrichment (Balke)

Giesmann, Lars
Analysis of Wikidata Property Constraints (Kalo)

Jahn, Maximilian
Rule Mining on Knowledge Graphs (Kroll)
Naczk, Nicole
Event Detection of narrative Structures in Wikipedia (Kroll)
Nagel, Denis
Narrative Structure Discovery (Kroll)
Ostaszewski, Katharina
Pattern Recognition for Time Series - A Rosetta Case Study (Kroll)

Markiewka, Philipp
Topic Modeling and Topic Labeling of Deep-Learned Facets (Wawrzinek)
Wiehr, Oliver
Semantic Disambiguation of Embedded Drug-Disease Associations using Deep-Learning Approaches (Wawrzinek)