Towards Efficient Multi-Feature Queries in Heterogeneous Environments

TitleTowards Efficient Multi-Feature Queries in Heterogeneous Environments
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsGüntzer, U., W. - T. Balke, and W. Kießling
Conference NameIEEE International Conference on Information Technology: Coding and Computing (ITCC 2001)
Conference LocationLas Vegas, NV, USA

Applications like multimedia databases or enterprisewide information management systems have to meet the challenge of efficiently retrieving best matching objects from vast collections of data. We present a new algorithm Stream-Combine for processing multi-feature queries on heterogeneous data sources. Stream-Combine is selfadapting to different data distributions and to the specific kind of the combining function. Furthermore we present a new retrieval strategy that will essentially speed up the output of relevant objects.

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