Personalized Content Syndication in a Preference World

TitlePersonalized Content Syndication in a Preference World
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsKießling, W., W. - T. Balke, and M. Wagner
Conference NameEnCKompass Workshop on E-Content Management (EnCKompass 2001)
Conference LocationEindhoven, The Netherlands

Personalization, which will be a key success factor for forthcoming XML-based Web standards like ebXML or MPEG-7, needs a powerful framework for preferences. The research program ”It’s a Preference World” at the University of Augsburg treats preferences as first class citizens in personalized e-services. Based on a rich theory of preferences modeled as partial orders we are developing enabling technologies for personalized client and middleware components. In this positional paper we sketch an architecture for content syndication in such a Preference World.

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