Combining Web Map Services and Opinion Mining to generate Sentiment Maps of Touristic Locations

TitleCombining Web Map Services and Opinion Mining to generate Sentiment Maps of Touristic Locations
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsTauscher, S., and K. Neumann
Conference NameSymposium on Service Oriented Mapping
Date Published11/2012
PublisherJOBSTMedia Präsentation Management Verlag
Conference LocationWien

Nowadays, more and more geographic information is gathered by non-professionals and is even published on the web and thereby made available to the public. It covers a great range of different topics from the rather classical ones like subway systems to unusual ones like all the settings of a popular TV-series, from all places where there were mysterious deaths of fish to all the places a person plans to visit. Despite the difference of the content as well as the purpose of these maps, their presentation is surprisingly similar. The reasons for the amount of this kind of maps as well as for their commonalities are a few easy to use web 2.0 environments like Google Earth. They offer everyone the possibility to add information of one’s interest, to a standard map. The additional information can be designed without restrained, but there is no way to change the map itself.
We suggest a new visualization of the sentiments people have about places, that cannot be created with standard background maps. The additional information is obtained from tourist reviews and as spatial data source OpenStreetMap was chosen, as you are not bound to use the given map but have access to the underlying spatial data. The focus of this paper lies on the visualization itself as well as on the architecture as such.