Master Seminar "Big Data & NoSQL"

Regular Dates: 
Wednesdays, 11:30 Uhr - 13:00 Uhr
Room IZ 251 (Informatikzentrum, Mühlenpfordtstraße 23)

This seminar deals with the NoSQL movement. Each participating student holds a scientific talk on one of the topics. The seminar's focus, however, lies on giving encouraging and persuasive presentations that are interesting and easy to understand. To achieve this, the participants will learn from some the best (and worst) speakers by analyzing short videos of their talks and by collaboratively developing guidelines for sticky presentations.

This course is part of the Informatik seminar program and addressed to master students. In order to pass it you will need to attend the Kick-Off meeting and all courses. In addition, you have to prepare and give a sticky presentation to one of the following topics.

The topics of this seminar include (but are not limited to) the following areas:

  • Key–value Stores
  • Column Store
  • Document Store
  • Graph Database
  • RDF Databases
  • History of NoSQL
  • Introduction to Big Data
  • BigData and (Relational) Databases

Further information:
We wrote some blog posts that might be interesting for participants:

  Date Topic Material
0 06.03.2014 / 13 Uhr Kick-Off  
1 16.04.2014 Introduction, Assignment of topics  Intro slides
2 23.04.2014 Analyzing talks 1

Stoiber about Transrapid
Steve Jobs (IPhone launch)
Richard Stallman (Saint of the Church of Emacs)
Rudolf Bayer (Pioniere der Informatik, nicht öffentlicher Vortrag)
Benjamin Zander (classical music)
Günther Oettinger on Globalisation
Clifford Stoll ... on everything

3 30.04.2014 Analyzing talks 2

Hans Rosling (boxes and population growth)
Lawrence Lessig (telling stories)

Simon Sinek (what, how, why)

James Geary (metaphorically speaking)

Brian Greene (free talk plus videos)
Merlin Mann (sad panda)

4 07.05.2014 Designing Good Talks  
5 14.05.2014 Rhetorics 1  
6 21.05.2014 Rhetorics 2  
  28.05.2014 -  
7 04.06.2014 Talk Felix  
 8 11.06.2014 Talk Yevgen  
  18.06.2014 -  
9 25.06.2014 Talk Lars  
  02.07.2014 -  
10 09.07.2014 Talk Shafigh  
11 16.07.2014 Talk Rebecca  
12 23.07.2014 Grading
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